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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Commercial Auto Insurance: What Is It And When Do You Need One?

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In terms of the basic types of safeguards they provide, commercial and personal auto insurance is very similar. However, one of the fundamental differences between personal and commercial coverage is that a commercial policy allows you to protect yourself and your company from uninsured liabilities that may arise as a consequence of a major accident.

Dive deeper into this article to know more about the basics of Commercial Auto Insurance and whether or not it may be essential for your business. 

Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance 

If you or an employee is at fault in an auto accident, commercial auto insurance can assist cover the costs. Even in the event of a deadly accident, this coverage can assist pay for property damage and medical expenses. In comparison to personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance often has greater policy limits. The goal is to protect your company's assets from lawsuits and other risks.

What does Commercial Auto Insurance cover? 

  • Liability insurance 

If you are at fault in an accident, this insurance covers bodily injuries to others as well as any property damage to another car. If a lawsuit is filed against you as a result of an accident, bodily injury compensates for others' medical costs and lost wages, as well as your legal fees.

  • Collision insurance

Covers the cost of repairs to your car. Regardless of who is at blame, if you collide with another car, another car collides with you, or your vehicle flips over.

  • Comprehensive insurance 

Covers damage to your car that isn't caused by an accident.

When do you need Commercial Auto Insurance?

You should consider Commercial Auto Insurance if you fit the following roles: 

  • If you own, lease, or rent vehicles 

  • If you have employees driving vehicles for business-related purposes

  • If you have employees who operate, leases, or rent vehicles 

  • If you own a company that runs on business vehicles, you'll almost certainly require commercial auto insurance to protect them.

Do you need Commercial Auto Insurance? Let’s get you protected! 

Personal auto insurance is not the right coverage if you often use your truck in the course of your business or if you have purchased vehicles, particularly for your business. Commercial auto insurance will be required.

Logos Insurance Services would be happy to assist you in determining whether you require commercial auto insurance and, if so, what types of policy coverages would be most appropriate for your budget and circumstances. Call us at (818) 860-4400 or visit our website to learn more about commercial auto insurance.

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