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Saturday, 19 June 2021

What Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Cover?

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Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is one of the most significant forms of insurance coverages you need to safeguard your company. Lawsuits against your company can have a negative impact on your financial line as well as your reputation with clients and customers. 

Understanding the risks that your company faces and having the appropriate CGL coverage in place to protect you is a crucial first step. In this article, learn more about CGL and its coverage. 

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance? 

BI (bodily injury) lawsuits, PD (property damage), promotional injury, and PI (personal injury) claims brought by third parties as a result of utilizing your goods, activities, facilities, or visiting your premises are all covered by commercial general liability insurance. 

When your organization is found liable for an injury to a third party on or off your premises, CGL coverage can help limit your loss.

What does Commercial General Liability cover?

  • Bodily Injury 

When your organization is found liable for an injury to a third party on or off your premises, a CGL coverage can help limit your loss. A BI liability presumes that some form of carelessness occurred in order for the damage to occur, but this does not always imply that the fault was caused by your company.

  • Property damage 

If you're held legally liable for damage to a third party's property, you can have to pay a lot of money in legal fees. It may also have a detrimental impact on your clientele's perception of you. CGL insurance is intended to cover the costs that may arise if your company is judged accountable for property damage to a third party on or off your premises.

Do you need one? 

Regardless of how little your company is, it is still vulnerable to numerous sorts of liabilities. To protect itself against danger and loss, every company should have basic CGL coverage. If your company interacts with contractors, vendors, or clients, you'll almost certainly require (CGL) coverage to defend yourself not only from financial losses arising from third-party liability claims, but also to preserve your reputation.

Schedule an insurance consultation with us today! 

Even for home-based businesses, accidents and third-party liability actions are prevalent, thus commercial general liability insurance is required. These lawsuits may have a negative influence on your company's financial line and reputation. Make an appointment with us today to obtain the appropriate CGL coverage!

Logos Insurance Services would be happy to assist you in determining whether you require workers’ compensation insurance and, if so, what types of policy coverages would be most appropriate for your budget and circumstances. Call us at (818) 860-4400 or visit our website to learn more about workers’ compensation insurance.


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