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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Logos Insure Talks 1.3 - Do 1099 employees need Workers Compensation Insurance?

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Do 1099 employees need Workers Compensation Insurance? The answer is, yes. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is required by law in every state. While it may seem obvious that you must establish a policy that covers all employees, it can become complicated if you also employ independent contractors, often known as 1099 contractors.

You may feel safe ignoring independent contractors when it comes to your workers' compensation insurance policy because they are not direct employees of your organization. That isn't the best practice, and you could be setting yourself up for a large fine if you leave someone off the insurance who should be protected by accident.

As the head of a digital marketing firm, Global Presence Marketing, Jack Hakimian talks to Albert Kevakian about Workers Compensation Insurance.

Find out insurance options available to you. Consult with us today on how to obtain the Worker’s Compensation Policy Visit or call (818) 860-4400.


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