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Employment Practice Liability Protects You From Employee-related Mishap for Long Beach, California Residents

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Workers have all the right to be treated fairly under the law. It has been a century-old warcry of all the workers ever since the idea of industrialization was born. Now that time has evolved, workers have attained some of the rights that they deserve. But these rights can become privileges if abused for Long Beach, California Residents.


It is undeniable that there are occasions when employees use their stature and attained rights to get more from the company that they’re working for using downright extortion. That’s why Employment Practice Liability Insurance is created to protect the company when such misfortune occurs. You wouldn’t want your company to get prosecuted in a simple issue of misunderstanding and false accusations, would you?

Disclaimer: this is not intended to wrong all employees in general but to state a factual situation where employers are being held accountable falsely by employees. And therefore, this is pointed only towards the benefits of availing such insurance for the interests of any employer concerned.

So, here are some specific situations where Employment Practice Liability Insurance will be much needed.


Reprimanding your employees is a must when running a company. It will not be a successful business if you will not manage your work properly with supervision. This instance, however, can be taken wrongly. A simple constructive criticism can be rebranded as oral defamation if one wants to. 

Refusal of Employment

Oddly enough, some states in America have laws that forbid employers from refusing some applicants for employment. Though the law has its limitations and exceptions, not everyone understands it well. Employers will have no choice but to hire practically anyone if they are unaware of the true essence of the law. And if things get even worse, a simple denial to employ an applicant can make you and your business famous across the internet.

Unfair Dismissal 

Although most contracts state the clause, “you are at any time, at the disposal of the employer with or without the need for disclosure.” Even if the employee willingly signed the contract knowing that they can be fired at any time, they might still use it against you.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance fights the number one enemy; false allegations. These simple instances stated above can be expanded, stretched, and renamed to make you look bad and compel you with everything they want. Secure your business from compensation to lawsuit funds with Employment Practice Liability Insurance.

At Logos Insurance Services, we specialize in assisting you in locating the best insurance coverage for your specific needs are now serving Long Beach, California Residents. We continuously assess the company's or business's needs and find tailored insurance solutions to meet them while providing exceptional customer support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Contact us right away to assess the business risks and determine how to protect yourself best. You can also call us on our hotline (818) 860-4400 for more details.

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